Sunday, August 3, 2014

We are going camping next week. Going to Castanoa in Pescadero  Ca .It's on the coast, 25 miles south of Half Moon Bay.  I will share so pictures of the trip when I get back.!

  What twice in one day !  I needed to step away from a sewing project I'm working on for a mother of the groom.
 Now I can finish what I started to tell Yaw all. 
New ventures. I am one of three instructors at Brothers Sew & Vac. No I'm not a sales person silly. I'm one of the sewing instructors . So far I have 0 students , I know funny right ? It's ok this gives me time to learn on all the sewing machines Oscar has for sale, serger's, quilting and embroidery machines .  One day a week and a bit of a drive . We will have to see how it goes.
And  I have gone over to the dark side , say what ! yes I'm going to quilt. This is something I thought I would never want to do but quilting has come a long way with the new machines that do just of about everything for you. I'm taking a long arm class at a Viking Sewing machine store in Folsom ca. I'll be certified to use there very $$$$ mega quilting machine. This machine finishes up the top of your quilt. And that is a big job if you just have a reg. sewing machine. I cant even imagine stuffing all that fabric under mine. What a class right !
 And I'm opening up a Etsy Shop to sell my lovely's . A little of this and that. Meaning doggie bow ties and apparel and SOAP ! I know really. All organic. No Lye at all in the ingredients. Goats milk and Shea butter soaps. What nice gifts. And a fun project to keep me busy this winter.
 O.K. that it for today and I will be keeping pic. up of my soap makings at the end of Aug.
Any questions e-mail me at

This and That

I have so many blogs I guess you can label me a blog hoarder. I have a total of three blogs. "Hi There Doggie ".This is my doggie apparel blog .Find this by I will be opening up a ETYS store soon as I figure out how to do it. It took me all day to create a page on Facebook ha ! And last my cooking blog filled with Yummy recipe's. "Let the Pots & Pans Dance, find this one on  my recipe blog. I post new recipes weekly. And I promise this is the last one .
 So much has happened with my career this last year I just know I can overcome any obstacle. I'm venturing into something completely a little different in my creativity.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

 Well hello there. Time has slipped away so fast this year. I was so busy teaching sewing at a darling little place not to far from where I live. I guess my blog suffered in silence.
So here are all of my up dates.
I've been  chilin back taking art classes on line with some of my favorite artist. The part I think is great is one can stay in there PJ's and if you have pets they think it's there special time with you !
Now and then I try to get out of this sleepy little town and go on  short road trip to special art retreats to create and visit old friends. Its good of the mind and soul. I'm not getting any younger and my favorite saying is "Time is Running Out " I even have this painted on my Toms.
I am still sewing , but not as much. I like to incorporate it into my art now. I'm contemplating on giving a two day a week two hours a day sewing classes. We will see ??? It's a long winter here and I do not like to deal with the snow being house bound . My pets like me here with them !I started sewing little bow ties for dogs and cats its on one of my other blogs Our new member to the family Charlie was my inspiration.
 See you over there for  more updates . I have some tried and true recipes on my recipe blog . It's under view all blogs " Let The Pots and Pan  Dance."
I guess you can call me a blog hoarder ! Really I need to try a way of incorporating all into one. Any suggestions ??

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time for a Rest

                                   We love you Lucy and you are always in our harts.