Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time for a Rest

Petaluma Camp

It was Hot and there were dog's barking in the back round, did we care? Hell No!We were there to create and have fun.And Fun we had.!!
 I had such a good time at the K.O.A Art Camp with Lisa Super and friend. I don't know where to start. The Ladies sooo talented and nice. The food provided by her and her husband  YUM.You didn't go hungry.  Her oldest son came to help and was a delight to be around. You could actually have a conversation with him. Very polite .He reminded me of my grandson Matteo.
The restaurants we went to A+.Well lets just say  it would be worth a drive on a weekend just to going back  to eat there. And all  the darling little shops lined the streets. This was a striving little town. Once known as Petaluma the Chicken capital (or maybe that was the egg capital) . I had a step great grandmother Nona Maggora that had a chicken farm on Main st. in the year 1940's to 1970's. Like everything else thing grow and change.

Petaluma 2012 Art Camp

Inspiration from Tarnished & Tattered ~ The Shoppe

I first got my inspiration from Lisa /Tarnished and Tattered her blog. She had made little gift bags from burlap for a class she was giving adorned with lace. And then Kiristen Robinson made them to sell at the Trunk Show  in Willow Glen ca. That gave me the idea to make a few for friends. No two are alike.
So as you can see now I have made a few. I like using Linen and duck cloth and mixing it up with vintage findings. Old hand imbroidered designs on  tea towels and pillow cases are darling. Add one of my original shabby roses and a  little bling from a rinestone pin or stone. Some come with four or eight pockets.All have a  little felt heart for your needles.
Specify your colores and pockets amount and I fill your order. I pay shipping and tax $23.00.

Tool Holders

This one is Lisas and has eight holders for all your tools !

This one has three places to hold you tools and is made out of a Vintage pillowcase.

No two are alike

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Well as you can see I have been pretty busy sewing for the last two days for a darling little store in El Dorado called Sweet Salvage.On top of that I am  getting ready for my big Camp out with Lisa Super and the ladies. She is hosting a four day event full of crafting, shopping and meals in Petaluma ca. This is going to be so much fun I can hardly wait.
I have been working on my gift exchange . I like it so much I am going to make my self one. I will post pictures after the exchange so you can see everyone gifts.
 See you next week !